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NYSUT Membership and Member Data Management Systems

About this training

Keeping up with membership data has never been more important!  Knowing who is in your bargaining unit and who is a member is essential in order to properly represent our members in grievances and at the bargaining table.

NYSUT has an easy to use tool for all locals to manage their own member data through  This session will provide information on the importance of maintaining membership data, how to use the system and best practices for protecting and maintaining your membership data.  Finally, participants will learn about election certification reports and how to process new membership applications and membership drop requests.

This course is an online, self-directed lesson that is followed by two live webinars. The first section is an exercise that you should complete before participating in the 2 live webinars. You will need to collect lists from your district, so you may want to budget some time for that activity. At the end of the course, you will be given options to register for a live webinar. Make sure you register! This is where a lot of the instruction and understanding will come and is a great opportunity to ask all of your membership reporting questions

Technical Requirements:

  • Only use a desktop or laptop - Please only use a desktop or laptop computer to complete this course. You will not get full credit if you use a tablet or a mobile device.
  • Please use Google Chrome and not Internet Explorer - currently this site does not support Internet Explorer and is most compatible with Google Chrome.