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NYSUT New Local President Digital Academy - Union Administration Basics

About this training

Being a local union president means you are responsible for the administration of what amounts to a small business! Your training as a teacher, SRP, professor or nurse probably didn’t include how to manage a local union. In this class, participants will review and develop the essential skills for effective local union administration including facilitating productive membership and leadership meetings, interpreting the local’s constitution and bylaws, and conducting local leadership and delegate elections with integrity. Learn to avoid the most common pitfalls encountered by local union leaders so you can focus on member engagement and meeting your union’s most critical needs.

Technical Requirements:

  • Only use a desktop or laptop - Please only use a desktop or laptop computer to complete this course. You will not get full credit if you use a tablet or a mobile device.
  • Please use Google Chrome and not Internet Explorer - currently this site does not support Internet Explorer and is most compatible with Google Chrome.