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Teaching for Engaged Learning

About this training

Schools and educators are facing many challenges today to raise the performance levels of all students, close the achievement gap, create safe havens for learning, and prepare students for life beyond the classroom. As the learning needs of today’s students become increasingly diverse, this course explores ways to equalize student status, both cognitively and socially, to increase student learning and to enhance teacher effectiveness.

The research material presented in this course has been translated for practitioner use. Translation refers to a process by which statistical data and significant relationships noted in research findings are interpreted for their meaning and potential application for classroom teachers and paraprofessionals. The findings are summarized in a language which educators can readily understand and are supplemented with specific examples of teaching behaviors that reflect the research findings.

By registering for this course, you agree that your reflections and self-assessment data may be used by your course instructors to inform instruction. Your de-identified data may also be contributed to the Tripod Education Partners data set for research purposes and/or to inform the design of professional development supports aligned with Tripod's 7Cs framework of effective teaching.

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