Foundations of Effective Teaching

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Foundations of Effective Teaching

last update on: 05/24/2022

Welcome to Foundations of Effective Teaching: Cultivating a Student-Centered Classroom. Part 1 of this newly revised course was updated to reflect the latest research and evidence-based practices in the science of learning and educating the whole child.

While the seminal research remains the primary source for which we explore the knowledge and skills educators need to be successful, including the work of other organizations both in the education field and our communities provides a more thorough, equitable and balanced approach.

As you work your way through this course, you will find content that is influenced by social and neuroscience, thought partner organizations and policy experts who champion safe and inclusive schools, and most importantly current practitioners. It is our hope that you will find these enhancements relevant, timely and empowering as you seek to growth professionally and meet the needs of the students and families you serve.

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  • Please use Google Chrome and not Internet Explorer - currently this site does not support Internet Explorer and is most compatible with Google Chrome.