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Delivering Effective Professional Development

This course will prepare you to be an effective trainer, a successful learner, a creative implementer by giving you guidelines on how to be an effective facilitator, and how to develop and sustaining a professional development program for your local. The program also allows for continuous learning and provides validation of existing practices. 

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#AFTvotes Political Leads Community

This online community is a space for our AFT political leads to access resources, templates, toolkits, important dates and updates as we work to win elections.

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Learn More About the New MIT/AFL-CIO Course

Bringing Workers Voice into Technology and Employment Strategies

All across the world we see technologies coming into our workplaces that will change how work is done. But too often the people who are most affected and know best how technology could be used to improve their work, and make it safer and more productive, have no voice in these decisions. As a result, too many workers are left to bear the costs of technological change without sharing fairly in its benefits.

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