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Participant Responsibilities - SEA 2020


 Participant Requirements
Virtual SEA 2020

We have worked to develop online training to meet your needs as well as those of your students.Once your local union has selected you to participate in the AFT Virtual Summer Educator Academy 2020, please review the Participant Requirements below. This is for the Participant Only courses.

Participant Requirements:

  • Be a current member in good standing
  • Be recommended by the local leader
  • Attend all required dates and times of the course
  • Have appropriate technology to complete the course
  • Complete an evaluation after the training

*If all requirements are met, you will receive a certificate with the number of PD hours completed.

Registration Information:

*Make sure to provide your preferred email address when registering. We will use this email to communicate with you on any course related information and send your certificate of hours.

Course/Community Access:

Once your registration approval is verified, you will be added to your course community on the eLearning website. You will receive an email notification when that has been done.

This community will connect you with the facilitators and other participants, where you will access your course, resources, discussion boards, and to follow up in the future.  


If you have any questions about registering on our cvent registration site or on elearning, please contact Kari Brocato at 202-393-5687 or [email protected].