Participant Expectations - Sea 2021


 Participant Expectations

All Participants must:

  • Be a member in good standing;
  • Attend all required dates and times of the course;
  • Complete all pre-readings, homework or other assigned work;
  • Have appropriate technology to complete the course; and
  • Complete an evaluation after the training.

For the Train-the-Trainer courses, in addition to the above, you must:

  • Be recommended by your local leader;
  • Complete the online DEPD course if not taken after 2018; and
  • Complete all pre and post assignments as required in your course.


*If all requirements are met, you will receive a certificate with the number of PD hours completed. Partial certificates will not be issued.

Registration Information:

Click here to register now

Please provide your mobile number when registering so we can stay connected and provide follow up support. Your preferred email address will be used to communicate any course-related information and send your certificate of hours.

Live courses may be recorded.

Course/Community Access:

Course information will be found on the eLearning community for your course or directly from the course coordinator. You will be added to your community prior to the course start date.  You may create your own account at If you do not have an eLearning account by the time the community is open, we will create one for you.

Through this community, you will be able to access your course, resources, and discussion boards, and connect with the facilitators and other participants.


If you have any questions, please contact Kari Brocato at 202-393-5687 or [email protected].