Strategies for Student Success: New Microlearning Modules for AFT Members



By Bri Miller

Here’s some real teacher talk: It is challenging to manage all the decisions, planning, teaching, differentiation, meetings, communications, etc. The teacher’s list is endless. Teaching is a complex and creative endeavor. Each student and every class are unique puzzles to sort and put together to unlock their potential and success. The strategies and ideas needed surpass the foundational concepts learned in our licensure programs, whether that was last year or 25 years ago. In an effort to make the most of your minutes, the AFT has created Strategies for Student Success microlearning modules to fit the professional development you are looking for into the minutes you have available. 

These new microlearning modules has been designed with you—and your tight schedule—in mind. Each video is no longer than 15 minutes, giving you an overview of a topic and an idea to take with you back to your classroom. If you want to delve into any topic, there are more in-depth opportunities available through the AFT. These microlearning modules are a “taste” of professional development that will help you determine where you want to spend your time in further investigating and learning new strategies for student success.

Developed using peer-reviewed research, tried-and-true strategies that work in a variety of classrooms and locations, these microlearning modules have something to offer everyone. We hope you check out this new AFT member professional learning offering, complete the module to earn a professional learning unit, and find something to use with your students. If you are interested in getting a taste of a topic you do not see listed yet, comment below. We have several more in production so we can support teacher inquiry—and provide you with quick and easy ways to get usable classroom information. 

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