Health & Safety Resource Community

Welcome to the AFT E-Learning Health and Safety Resource Community!  

On this page, you’ll find a wealth of information on health and safety topics for our members across all five of our divisions – Teachers, Paraprofessional and School-Related Personnel, Public Employees, Higher Education Faculty and Staff and Nurses and Health Professionals.

Within each topic folder you’ll find factsheets and other resources. These folders may have division-specific folders within them as well. This is a developing project, and we hope to add webinars, power point presentations and other resources on these topics so please check back frequently.

Understand how to better navigate this community by watching this brief video, or start exploring resources by heading to the Information page.

Additionally, this community will serve as a place for discussion because your input is so valuable to us. We will post discussion topics occasionally, to collect feedback from you on what’s happening in your workplace around a given issue. We also encourage you to start discussions on topics that you’d like to discuss with your peers or to express interest in materials on topics not already developed.

What’s most important is for you to know this is YOUR community, but we’re here to help if you need more assistance, such as specific training requests, interpreting safety and health laws and regulations, collective bargaining language, understanding environmental and personal exposure test results, or developing capacity-building projects such as building active health and safety committees.

The AFT has assisted our affiliates in building initiatives to engage members about problems that concern them and to demand better working conditions. In dozens of locals, we have focused on issues high on our members’ priority lists, such as stress, violence, bullying, and poor air quality to build member support. We have found that health and safety issues excite most members, even those who are not ordinarily engaged in their local’s work.

Let us know more about the issues that affect you and your work by taking our brief survey.

To email us directly, please use: [email protected]

In Solidarity,

The Health and Safety Team