Participant Responsibilities - SEA 2023


 Participant Responsibilities

So You Want To Be an AFT Local Trainer!

You’ve been selected to attend national training because your local union believes you have the qualities to become an effective professional development instructor. Your local and the AFT are investing significant resources to support your leadership development and the courses are designed for you to get the most out of your experience.

AFT courses offered at Summer Educator Academy are designed as train-the-trainer models. This means that participants receive both pedagogy and content with the expectation to deliver the content to others in your local.   Participants who attend should know this in advance and understand that there are follow-up commitments required to successfully complete the program. All participants are expected to fulfil the following responsibilities.

New for 2023:

This year we are requiring pre and post attendance, through zoom meetings, to become familiar with your course cohort as well as content. Please note: Certificates of Completion as well as training materials will not be available until all requirements have been met.

Before the Academy

  • Review the Code of Conduct.

  • Create an account on the AFT Professional Learning site to access necessary documents and course information.

  • Attend virtual sessions for your course (dates are listed with each course)

  • Complete any pre-academy reading assignments for your course before the academy begins.

  • Attend the mandatory Participant Webinar on June 5 at 6:45pm ET. View the recording here:

At the Summer Academy

  • Attend all scheduled course and general sessions on time. In the event of an emergency, notify the instructor.

  • Professionalism and respect for colleagues are expected.

  • Complete daily assigned readings.

  • Record concepts/strategies and notes in the Course Notebook (double-entry journal).

  • Record talking points as potential conversation starters after training.

  • Review the Criteria for Effective Presentations (Rubric) and the Practice Presentations Guidelines.

  • Deliver a practice presentation on an assigned topic at the end of the course.

  • Update contact information on sheet passed around in classroom.

  • Complete the online evaluation prior to leaving the academy on July 15, 2023. Certificates of completion will not be awarded without the completion of the course evaluation.

Post Academy—Course Completion (as applicable)

  • Attend virtual sessions for your course (dates are listed with course descriptions)

  • Attend the virtual FEPL Follow up on September 12, 2023. 

  • Implement your selected strategies and concepts in your classroom and/or work setting and complete all course requirements.

  • Upon your local’s request, agree to train locally upon successful completion of all requirements.

  • Work with the course coordinators to ensure that you are prepared to train.

  • At the end of the academy, all participants will receive a certificate of participation documenting the number of professional development hours acquired.

  • Participants who complete all of the participant responsibilities outlined above will receive a certificate of completion, certifying that they are qualified to serve as a local trainer.

  • Meet with your local leader upon returning home to discuss our experience, making connections to member engagement and plan for further conversations with stakeholders.